Wednesday, 27 July 2011

More trash talk - Trash talk Part 2

I really don't know how to begin this second half of my rant. All I can say is that I am mildly irritated by certain things said in some quarters that are frankly, misinformed and inaccurate. Notwithstanding the things being said, the way in which they have been said  displays a weakness of character in the person saying these things that compells me to respond with the characteristic directness that I pride myself in.

So what in the Dickens am I on about? Two days ago, the man tasked with making QMx's vaporware sonics, revealed himself to the world, a move undoubtedly forced upon Andy Gore by the tidal wave of negativity that followed yet another grand unveiling at SDCC of yet more 'prototypes' and nothing else. In certain circles, it's called prickteasing, in others it's just called bullshit.

The brave soul that inherited this poisoned chalice is a man called Kenney Palkow. Instead of me introducing him, let me just cut and paste his own introduction:


OK, I think its about time to clear the air and "keep it real". For those of you that already know who I am... bear with me while I introduce myself. I am an industry special effects, weapons, and prop maker. I primarily work on hero props. Some of my recent stuff includes.... Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, Warehouse 13, Fringe, Mission Impossible 4, The A-Team, Underworld: New Dawn, Stephen Spielberg's Locke and Key, etc. Ok... so.... that should give you an idea of who I am in the industry and hopefully earn credibility that what I'm going to say is just "keeping it real" and not embellishing or blatant BS.

There has been so much talk about the Sonics and who did this, who did that or "no"... it was done this way, or "no"... you're wrong... it was done that way. lol Everything I'm going to say about the QMx sonics is what it is... nothing more and nothing less.

1. First, I was commissioned by QMx to build the sonics for them.

2. I persuaded QMx to bring me to the Dr. Who set in the UK to examine props that they would like to release. I told them that they could not get the dimensions I needed through pictures alone. I told them I would bring my equipment with.... laser scanner, all kinds of engineering tools, etc and I could create perfect CAD models off the actual "Screen used Props". They agreed and I went with.

3. I spent countless hours reverse engineering the 10th and 11th sonics on set and in my hotel room. I never really got to see much of the UK. Instead, I was working til 3:30am or even all night long to get everything I could. I kept all details... imperfect as well... in my CAD. If I built a sonic right now.... no one would be able to tell mine apart from the original screen used props... period!

4. I know what the 10th and 11th sonics look like inside and out. I was given all 4 hero 11th sonics and the 10th to examine.

5. All 4 11th sonics had slight differences to them. One was a little longer... one part was slightly different than the next one. One had a detail different than another. If you placed all right next to each other, they look pretty identical but once in your hands... you saw the differences. I did a laser scan and CAD on EVERY SINGLE PART... inside and out of all the parts that made up all the 4 different 11th sonics. I took well over 300 photos of the hero screen used sonics alone.

6. Mission accomplished but I wasn't happy enough. I came up with the idea and asked Nick (prop maker who worked on the show for 6 years I believe... correct me if Im wrong on that Nick) if he would build clean versions of all the sonics from the show that QMx would want to release. He said yes. I then told Andy why I thought it would be a good idea. I told him that my CADs were perfect but had all different dimensions from all the differences between the 4 11th sonics etc. I told him that if Nick made the clean versions (try and make the sonics without all the "deadline rush" machining out of it, I would then be able to pic the parts in my CAD to match what Nick made and that would satisfy my OCD as to which of the parts of the 4 11th sonics I would use. Hopefully everyone is still following me and should give everyone an idea of how much "attention to detail" means to me. Andy thought that was a great idea and made it happen. Nick's sonics would also be used to promote the QMx sonics as true and accurate... basically we could show pics of Nick's sonics up against mine. When everyone sees no differences, everyone would be happy and put a lot of questions and concersn to rest.

7. Back at my studio, I went through my documention, photos, and CAD and got everything ready to start machining the prototypes for QMx.

8. I was in communication with Nick about various details as well as trying to find large material sources... like the material used for the crackle effect for the 10th sonic.

9. During my communication with Nick, he asked me to machine up the complex parts of the 10th. Yes.... some of those parts can not be machined up properly without the use of cnc. I had asked Nick if he had kept any of his drawings or dimensions on the 10th. He had said that the original screen used 10th sonic was machined up by a company called Aztec. This was the first time I ever heard this name. That's why I machined up the complex parts of the 10th sonic... my CAD was dead on to the screen used one and everone who would purchased one would be happy knowing that. So, I machined up 2 sets and shipped them off to Nick at the last minute so he could assemble and paint it for Comic Con. Sorry Nick that it was last minute.... . So, the 10th sonic, was a joint team effort between Nick and I to give you guys the best and the dead on accurate details everyone wants. You asked for it... you got it.

10. When I was on set, the studio was extremely professional and extremely protective of these sonics. Being an industry professional, I was able to gain enough trust with them to allow me to do what I needed to do to get the details off these sonics for all of you. And for that, I truly send a heart warm "thank you" to all those involved... from the prop master on up. This level of detail could not have been accomplished without your trust.

11. So, when I build these sonics for QMx... they will be made with my CAD I did of every part of the screen used 10th and 11th sonics. As for the other sonics (not the 10th and 11th), I will be reverse engineering Nick's work (Nick does not use CNC and does not have CAD models). He uses manual equipment and this would not be good when you have to machine several hundred or even thousands of parts for a run of sonics. I will be leaving all of Nick's details intact. Example: I made the Tesla guns for season 3 of Warehouse 13. The Tesla's frame needed to look as if it was hand cut with a hacksaw. Well, for the run of QMx Tesla guns, I left those hacksaw tooling marks in the parts when I programmed the laser to cut them out. That's the level of detail you'll be getting.

12. This is Important. I have seen some of the sonics out there and I have not come across one with all the details as the screen used ones I saw on set. I will not direct or point the finger at anyone specific.... I just don't want to get involved with those fights.... lol. What I want to say is that I have seen people try and replicate my work and state they had access to the prop and its 100 percent dead on. Yet, with all those incidents, none of them had access and none of them were dead on accurate. So... why would they say this? To make the sale. Plain and simple. In the end.... I ask everyone to STOP.... TAKE A DEEP BREATH.... AND RELAX. We're all brothers on this tiny ball floating around in space. lol Just know this... I took every step to give you the most accurate props. I mean.... Nick is now involved with all this. Everything else doesn't matter, everything else that anyone made up until this point has nothing to do with the QMx sonics except what's in this post and the sonics will be exact and that is something I stand behind saying.

OK then.... man I'm tired now. LOL Hopefully this answers a lot of questions for you guys and puts a lot of it to rest. For those of you who are Dr. Who fans and will be purchasing one of these sonics.... you will be getting the most accurate collectable built exactly like the heros. You can't even call them replicas.... you're getting hero made props... the same ones on screen. You won't tell the difference.

Kenney "

This was an introduction full of thinly disguised swagger, promising the impossible backed up with an arrogant attitude that would clearly  be absent were it not for the backup of QMx. Like an obnoxious oik who will only pick a fight when he has his friends around him. Let's cherry pick some of his puffery shall we?:
"If I built a sonic right now.... no one would be able to tell mine apart from the original screen used props... period!"
Bullshit. I could tell as could a myriad others. Very easily. Don't make stupid and impossible claims you cannot possibly delivery on...period!
"we could show pics of Nick's sonics up against mine. When everyone sees no differences, everyone would be happy and put a lot of questions and concersn to rest."
"the sonics will be exact and that is something I stand behind saying."

"I took every step to give you the most accurate props"

Again, unless you are damn sure of your skill, don't make these claims because the moment anyone can see differences, someone will look like a tit. Right?

Ok, so I read the rest of what he has to say, do my makes on this guy and find out he's the guy making the Tesla guns for QMx as well as other bits and pieces. This makes me raise an eyebrow. So this is the guy making a piece-of-piss static gun prop with a few vacuum tubes and brass piping, selling it for $1200 and is still barely turning a profit?! Things are looking up. I could bang those things out for less than $300 retail all day every day! The odds of QMx ever turning these things out has just lengthened considerably in my book.
However something then made my blood boil. This:
"I have seen some of the sonics out there and I have not come across one with all the details as the screen used ones I saw on set. I will not direct or point the finger at anyone specific.... I just don't want to get involved with those fights.... lol. What I want to say is that I have seen people try and replicate my work and state they had access to the prop and its 100 percent dead on. Yet, with all those incidents, none of them had access and none of them were dead on accurate. So... why would they say this? To make the sale. Plain and simple. In the end.... I ask everyone to STOP.... TAKE A DEEP BREATH.... AND RELAX. We're all brothers on this tiny ball floating around in space. lol "
With that single paragraph this guy turns from being a mildly irritating oik to a full blown cunt. I am fully aware of every single detail on those sonics, probably more so than even you are aware of, you dumb fucking hack. Howver, I am am not going to sit down and engineer in every fucking scratch, dent, hamfisted reshape of the head, just because it exists on a rather battered prop that you measured after it has been retired. Sure, I am aware of the front v shape profile of the ridges (because they were reshaped during the season 2 refurb because the head was pretty battered with dents and scratches that needed to be polished out of it which reduced the outer circumference so the ridges needed 'lifting'), always have been. I am aware of the various screws holding each component together and the angles involved. However, conscious choices were made to keep certain things in and leave certain things out for aesthetic and common sense reasons. I examined the same props and actually got in there way before he did. For him to accuse me of lying to make the sale? What a total cunt. In part 1 of Trash Talk I laid down a challenge to him. I described in fine detail the location, size and shape of scratches, dents and other features that I could not possibly know unless I have examined and photographed the props. If I am talking shit, call me out on it, I dare you, muthafucker. His is adopting this pathetic passive aggressive 'I don't want to pick a fight' stance but by insulting my integrity he already has and in that regard I will remember this and when he fucks up, which he already has, I shall be waiting to publically rub his face in it.
But it gets another post he goes on to state:

"when you get something from China... it's not going to be the level of detail, heart, and sweat as what you get when it's made by one of us from the industry"

That is the biggest pile of crock I have every heard. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU? You don't want to pick a fight?! Great job, you cocksucking little faggot. I have you know I put blood, sweat and guts into all my replica. Over the past three years I have bent over backwards to bring the finest sonics to market. They are handbuilt with an attention to detail that will make a talentless fuck like you, wince. My mark 2 Tennant sonic is already being readied for the next run, and it has dimensions taken for the same prop you examined so it will be as perfect as I can make it. However, if by some miracle, QMx does get their's out, I have a good mind to saturate the entire market with $150 cnc'ed, with sound, versions of yours just to fuck you up and I will feel great doing it and I won't even care that I will not be making any money as the satisfaction of seeing your fat faces when you shit yourself when you realise you will be sitting on several hundred $2000 sonics that you can't shift is more than payment enough. QMx could well follow MFX into oblivion.

So Kenney's made some bold claims. He's given it the double XXL. But one thing nags at me that betrays the fact that he's nowhere near as good as he thinks he is.

If he has taken laser scans of the sonics (I find this weird as you cannot really cannot take laser scans of reflective metal surfaces without coating them in talc first, and I don't see the Beeb allowing that, do you?), detailed measurements and photos....


His reasoning does not gel. Each one of the 11th sonics is unique and the most unique parts are the copper and aluminium strips that make up the upper and lower cage sections. Each one is hand fitted and trimmed, taped and then riveted. They then need to be adjusted. None of them are 1:1 interchangeable with another. It would be a simple case of averaging all the necessary dims to give a tidy prop with interchangeable parts. Even simpler, choose the best looking prop and copy that! What a fucking numbnut....

I never took laser scans, but I have enough data here to produce a perfectly tidy, symmetrical 1:1 replica which is what I am working on right now.

I suspect Kenney fucked up. I don't think he took scans or his scans ended up inaccurate for various reasons and he is having trouble getting the cages to fit. Am I right? I know I am. The way the prop is, you cannot just straightforward copy it. The hand coaxing and trimming and notching means that what is measured is not what came fresh off Robatto's mill.

So what about the 10th? He claims he wants to make a perfect 1:1 replica indistiguishable from the prop. I don't think he quite succeeded with this:

It's a lovely prop and is actually a lot better and more accurate than my current version. There are many things perfect with it including the black bulb shape and the body, However there are also several things seriously flawed with it. I am not going to point out what these are as quite honestly, why should I do their job for them, but there are two major issues with the head and Robatto fucked up with the paint (he did tweet about it about 10 days ago) which meant the crackle was too small. Fine for the Eccleston Aztec sonic, not so fine for the Tennant sonic. I know precisely what he did, and that was he laid on too thick an undercoat and too thin a top coat. Nice to see the flush, filled in activation strip but technically that was never on this sonic and was only ever on the Eccleston ones.

So much for the boasts is what it is: a nice, tidied hybrid sonic but hardly one that you cannot tell apart from the prop and certainly not the perfection he promised. Some of this has already been pointed out to Kenney who swears blind that it is identical when compared to his reference pics. Sorry, but I've already done comparisions using my own pics  and there are issues. Feel free to post them though, should be interesting to see. I notice that Kenney hasn't machined in the wonky bevels and the assymmetry. I really does hope he posts these pics as then my proof can be checked against the scratches and dents in the prop. You will also all see how shit the prop actually is and that a perfect recreation would be madness.

So what do I think will happen with these sonics? I maintain that they will never see the light of day.

The R&D can take up to a year per sonic, especially if you have a busy schedule like I have and by the sounds of it, Kenney Palkow has too. He only makes for QMx in his spare time between movies. He's also working on QMx's other stuff.

The Matt Smith sonic is completely at odds with mass manufacture, even CNC, as each one needs hand assembly, fitting and substantial internal redesign. I already have that sussed. It contain nearly 50 parts, all scratch made. Using the infinitely simpler Tesla gun they charged $1200 which was cheaper than the final costings dictated. If this thing ever does come to market, which I doubt, you are looking at nearly $2000.

 The 10th sonic, which according to Kenney is harder to machine (trust me, it isn't), needs to be hand painted which takes a lot of man hours (trust me, I have dicked around with this stuff probably more than any man on earth. What I do not know about crackle paint can be written on the back of a hobbit's posing pouch)

The message they give is utterly contradictory. On one hand they say they want to produce replicas indistinguishable from the props. Yet they show sanitised and idealised prototypes which are totally different from the props they are supposed to ape. You can't have it both ways. Pick one route and stick to it with conviction. if you want to produce screen accurate replicas, you must do it, warts too.

In any sensible person's view, QMx have a flawed business model that relies too much on cheap shite or very expensive stuff they farm out to people who end up stiffing them on price because they can. How about producing good stuff at a fair price? If you can't then I will and I'll still be standing at the end of days becuase I'm a tough passionate bastard and tough passionate bastards survive. Believe it.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Trash talk Part 1

It's been an exciting few days hasn't it? To be fair, if you are a QMx fan your hard on should be subsiding, your eyesight should be really suffering and your stash of Astroglide personal lube should be pretty low around about now. So....epilate those palms, buckle down and enjoy the rather foamy ride.... 

Two major points I'm going to cover here, firstly I want to address my access to screen used props which phuckers such as Phez have poured scorn over, and also the hiring of Kenney Palkow by QMx to attempt to make their sonic replicas.

Ok, first up...prop access. Have I or haven't I? Well, I haven't BSed anyone so far and I am not about to start now. I will make no bones about this, I am a well connected guy. I have done a lot for my friends and I will continue to do a lot for my friends and my friends reciprocate my friendship in kind. Life is nicer that way. One thing I will never do is sell anyone out no matter what the provocation. If I have had access to props, I will say so. If I haven't I will also say so. But one thing I will never do is make a claim I cannot back up.

There is a certain dickhead minority within fandom who cannot see further than the ends of their noses. They are blinded by their own prejudices and will continue to stumble down that dark alleyway called ignorance lead by their own narrowmindedness eventually to be butt fucked and mugged by that knife wielding hooligan called truth. These cunts, lead by Phez, think they know it all, they seem to think that the world is a nice and logical place that conveniently adheres to their misguided notions of cause and effect.

It doesn't.

What they have become is a victim of dogma, a sanitized truth imposed by authority to limit the world view of those too dumb to realise they are being manipulated for other ends. When someone comes along that challenges this view, they go through various stages of denial, anger and fear. I have stated several times I have had access to all the screen used 11th doctor sonics. I have measured them, stripped them down, photographed them and documented every part of them. Enough info to realise that the props are a) crude pieces of shit b) that they can never be released as a straightforward machine mark for machine mark replica (remember this point as it is VERY important later).

Despite my rather brash and bombastic exterior, as several hundred customers will attest, I am in fact, quite a nice fellow. I have shared certain things with a close circle of customers I also consider friends. I haven't shared these things with everyone because, quite frankly, I don't want to and because certain people will hardly thank me for it. A case in point is my sharing of the screen accurate Perfetto technique last year which many cunts that don't like me (and the feeling is entirely mutual) have gladly taken the knowledge I have handed out and use it for their own ends without a credit or a thank you. But I don't really care about stuff like that. What does bother me though, is the damned cheeky sense of entitlement that these fuckers have.

Phez has the brass balls to call me a liar even though several veteran members of the RPF with no hidden agenda, established reputations and verifiable identities will vouch that they have seen proof that I have had access to these props. I have shared these with certain trusted people and they have verified these are the real deal yet for their trouble they get called liars too. I AM NOT HAVING THIS.

Phez, if you're reading this, you're a twat. A dickhead of highest order. A cunt of the Nth magnitude. You're a talentless, no hope fucking loser with a microscopic penis.

This guy is a prime example of what happens when jealousy and ignorance combine to form a nasty, small minded petty little cocksucker with nothing better to do than to impugn the integrity of those that are merely stating the truth. The problem with pricks like Phez is that they haven't got the cojones to engage with me directly so he takes his frustrations out on my friends (and probably his weeny too).

So, against my better judgement, I'm going to post a pic that shall hopefully put this little matter to bed.

What you have have here are two high res pictures of the River Song sonic and one of the 4 11th Doctor sonic props cropped from much larger reference pics I took whilst the screen used props were in my possession. The sensible amongst you will let this rest but I predict that Phez will probably dismiss these as a) being fakes (in which case I suggest publically asking Robatto if these are his work) or b) being publically available pics, in which case I challenge anyone to find them. You won't be able to, because I took them and the originals are on an SD card here on my desk.

After that little rant, I think I'm well within my rights for this:

I have also had the 10th Doctor prop in my possession also. If anyone has any further challenges, here's what I suggest: since Kenney Palkow has also photographed and laser scanned the same props, why don't I describe the size and location of every single dent, scratch, machine mark and blemish on any of the props?

Let me give you an example: on all of the 11th sonics, none of the notches on the upper bevelled surface of the silver cage arm strips are symmetrical. These notches have been cut out to allow the nut-like pivot brackets connecting the claw arms enough clearance to close properly and to actually install them in the first place. On one sonic, the one with the with very fine knurling and the fatter, straighter conical corian handle, these notches are actually very shallow and on two struts there is virtually no notch on the right hand edge. I also seem to recall that this one was slightly longer than the rest in the open position.

On the other sonic with fine knurling (there were 2 with this distinctive finer knurling), there was a rivet on one of the silver arms, just under a quarter of the way from the top on the smooth section above the knurling. On yet another sonic, this one with the the rougher diamond knurling, there was a single crosshead machine screw at the bottom of one of the silver arms that prevents it from opening.

All sonics have at least one serious scratch on the copper collar that sits above the leather handle. Two have 1.5-2.5mm gouges and the other two have a 6mm horizontal scratch and 4.5mm scratch respectively.

The 10th doctor sonic has a tiny nick in the right hand edge of one of the struts 4.2mm from the upper bevel. The strut on the opposite side has a 4mm long piece of pitting/chipping on the right hand edge of the strut face. The strut to the right of that has a dent on the top left corner where it looks like the corner has been flattened after being dropped. The paint is a thick blue grey bubbly wash over the original crackle finish and looks, frankly, shit and has chipped off in most places exposing bare metal, especially directly right of the slider channel. The slider plate is not well finished and has a slight beveling on the lower edge.

Enough detail? I hope this shuts a few of these cunts up. And if Kenney Palkow knows his stuff, he will know that everything I have described is bang on the money.You wanted answers? I'll leave you with this:

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Nevermind the bollocks, here's QMx

It's that time of year again. Silly season has begun in earnest, business has slumped, anyone who is anyone has fucked off to the nearest beach to get blind drunk on drinks with paper umbrellas in them, QMx dusts off the bullshit maker for ComicCon and the feeling of deja vu is so pervasive, I might choose last week's lottery numbers in the hope they come up again this week.

I may jest, but I swear that QMx actually does have a massive bullshit machine in their office, like a grotesque ice cream maker that churns out whipped cones of steaming cow turds for the gullible retards that actually believe what they are being fed is chocolate flavoured dairy dessert when in actual fact it's another type of bovine derived product entirely.

Let's remind ourselves of what was announced last year, shall we?:

'Their' Tennant sonic never made it to market and has been quietly swept under the carpet. Instead, what we get this year is something even more interesting:

They look good don't they? But then again, they should. They are perfect for a very good reason. What we apparently have here are claimed 'prototypes' of QMx's sonic replicas, made by the production propmaker Nick Robatto. That's all well and good. But reading between the lines, what is omitted is often more telling than what is actually said (which in this instance is, to be honest, "not a lot"). The weakminded sycophantic portion of fans will jump all over this, panhandled like a pubescent virgin doped up to the gills on Viagra, and think "Yay!, we're going to be getting replicas made by the actual propmaker himself".


That's the fantasy, here's the reality:

What you are seeing are not QMx's prototypes of these sonics, but QMx's reference material that they intend to use to make their replicas.

Yes, QMx have neither designed or blueprinted for these pieces. They don't even have anyone lined up to  make them. These are in no way representative of the final product. In order to stall and keep the licence for another year, QMx commissioned Robatto to make exact replicas of the props since they couldn't get hold of the actual filming props, this is a solution that allowed them to obtain, measure and keep master reference pieces. By doing this, they show the BBC that they are actually doing something with the licence instead of sitting around with their dicks in their hands and it allows them to keep a certain sizeable chunk of the fanbase fluffed for a while longer.

But, you know what? They have the same reference material that I've got. The only difference (and it's not much of a difference) is that my reference is from screen used pieces but nonetheless, they are also Robatto made. I'm not going to go into the details of this but some of my readers already know I'm not bullshitting.

Put into context, what does this QMx 'announcment' actually mean? Very little. It just means they have bought screen accurate reference pieces. I could release pics of the screen used pieces I referenced and said "hey guys, look at my prototypes!" but that would be misleading, unethical and patently untrue. When I release pics of my prototypes, they will be designed and made by me. Unless every single one of QMx's replicas are made by Nick Robatto, they really should shut the fuck up, be honest and let their product do the talking. Underpromise and over deliver is a mantra I live by and if the fatties that run QMx would get their maws out of their cheeseburgers long enough to listen, they would also heed this mantra too.

Personally, I guarantee that the QMx replicas will never happen. I know the 11th doctor sonic back to front now, every nuance, quirk and idiosyncrasy. It is a massively difficult piece to engineer and build and I've been working on it for nearly a year. QMx cannot do this and the other pieces anytime soon especially if they are starting from effectively now. With the prices in China and around the world shooting skyhigh, the chances of this being made affordably by QMx is virtually zilch. You'd getter better odds on finding Dee Dee Ramone alive and well on the moon blowing Michael Jackson.

The way they have just wheeled these out, claiming between the lines, that these are what will be made is irresponsible and dare I say it, fraudulent in the extreme. At least MFX had the balls to show a prototype that they engineered themselves. It's not a complete disaster though. If the replicas don't happen, they could always release nice posters of the 'prototypes', right?

Edit: This just in from Kursosawa:

"Howdy yall. first and foremost, the sonics Rubbertoe has on display at SDCC are amazing. He actually let me handle the 11th Doctor's screwdriver and the Master's Laser Screwdriver. *squeeee*. One interesting thing i noticed: The green sections on the 11th screwdriver are made of green resin with white marbling.

As far as any info on release dates and price, no one was able to give anything substantial at the QMX booth. Though they did have a farnsworths for sale at the booth with light and sound for 400 and teslas as well for 1000+ I forget the actual number. Ill post more tonight on my blog with pictures and such with more coverage."
I've underlined the bit that proves what I've said above. Now that came as a bit of a surprise, didn't it? (Sarcasm intended). That's because no one at QMx has a fucking clue what they are doing. I am now going to sit back in my chair, adopt a smug self satisfied expression secure in the fact that QMx really are the amateurs I suspected them to be. I wonder how long it will be before the go the way of MFX Replicas? I give it a year, tops, before someone calls time. Mark my words....

Another Edit:  An 'official' response from the salad dodger who is now the appointed mouthpiece for QMx that pretty much confirms my thoughts written above. Jeez, I hate being right sometimes: (My rejoinder in red)

"Hey, just wanted to drop in and comment on one thing here.

The 10th Doctor and 11th Doctor Sonics are both at SDCC as well as the River Song and Master's laser. The sonics on display are the prototypes for the QMx Artisan line. Nick made the prototypes for us, so the next step will be getting the crew and materials to start working off Nick's prototype.

It's not a prototype. Don't call it a 'prototype'. It's your master reference piece, pure and simple. Ok, maybe it absolute terms a prototype is just tha,t but pretending it's anything but a reference piece made by someone who WILL NOT be making your final product is utter bullshit and pure lies especially if you are touting these as being representative of your final product. It's not. It would be nice to say 'these are what we aspire it' but you're not doing that are you? You are building an expectation that can never be fulfilled. This is the problem MFx had. Nick Robatto made your reference pieces just so you would have something to show at Comic Con. That's all you have. You have no blueprints, no 3D models or even anyone to make them. You have done nothing. You haven't even started yet for fuck's sake!

As for the previous Ten sonic -- well, we now have a prototype built by the man who made the prop. We're gonna work off that one instead, y'know?

Er...right. Very eloquently put. You figured out what was wrong with the previous one, did you? Lol.

I'm not saying they'll be made next month, but the QMx "vaporware" concern is part of a past that doesn't really include any of the current folks at QMx. The Farnsworths and Tesla's are both here and on sale. As are a number of newly designed statues and maquettes. The Enterprise Refit and the 2009 Enterprise are both here as well. And we'll have ordering details for those very soon.

How about being honest and saying that you have no clue if and when they will ever be done? Farnsworths and Tesla's are great albeit much much simpler that a sonic.  Even the more complex piece, the Tesla gun is no where near as complex as a hand made 11th sonic with nearly 50 components and look at the price of that. You have no machinists, production facilities or design capability: just a bunch of people you hire on a per job basis to be paid peanuts. I guarantee that no one will go near the sonics for less than £1000 per unit, COST. Trust me, I already did my research

So, I know the past hasn't boded well. But we're definitely looking forward and the sonics are further along than they've ever been ;-)
Sure, at least now you have some decent reference material, the exact same stuff I have had for months now. Well done. But you're still a long way from where you need to be. I would equate it to aspiring to flying to the moon when you've barely learned to walk upright. Still, you're definitely further along than you've ever been. Last year you were still swimming in the primeval soup."

Nazis. I hate these guys...

Just a quick interlude before I post my thoughts on the QMx sonic 'prototypes' being shown off at ComicCon I thought I would share another hilarious online posting from our favourite idiot Daniel 'Risu' Pawlik. I just don't know if this guy is deliberately being funny or not. He's car-crash entertainment of the David Brent variety. Anyway, he wrote here:

"When I first got into this hobby, the people who were perfectionists and demanded 100% accuracy were referred to as SA Nazis. The qualifier being that they wanted their stuff to look exactly like what was seen on screen. Now we have a whole new breed of Nazis."

I can understand this sentiment wholeheartedly but Danny-boy, you have to take a certain degree of personal responsibility for this situation. I have often felt the overwhelming urge to put you in an oven myself so you really have only yourself to blame.