Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Putting the boot in...

I can scarcely believe this but a few weeks ago I had an interesting email from one of my contacts in the UK who had managed to find the original shoemakers who made Matt Smith's Season 5 and Season 6 boots. After much to'ing and fro'ing, he managed to help me secure a sweet deal to offer you guys, for the first time, the very boots that The Doctor wears. Now, I'm going to be the first to admit, for the price these are a steal. I'm doing this not for money, (goodness knows the markup I have on these are pretty minimal - beer money at best), but I felt that it would be unfair to not make these available to a wider market. I realise that certain shysters within the cosplay community have sought to keep these a bit of a secret, unfairly so, in order rinse the huge markup they have placed on them when 'selling' this secret to their so-called friends. I have therefore decided to price these honestly and as close to cost price as I can whilst still covering my costs in order to prevent this kind of scalping.

So what about the boots? You see those above? Those are Matt's boots, brand new and fresh off the bench. Well, I can categorically state these are about as screen accurate as you can get without physically mugging Smith for his personal pair. They are handmade in the UK by the same guys who made the originals, using the same lasts, the same patterns, the same leathers and  the exact same high levels of workmanship. This is the real deal.

They are all handmade to order and shipped directly from the UK workshops. Lead time is 4-6 weeks depending on the workload from their main business of being the largest manufacturer of bespoke footwear for TV, film and theatre  in the UK. We are also the exclusive online distributor of these boots so you will not be able to purchase them at this price anywhere else.

Standard sizes are UK 6/US 7 to UK 13/ US 14 (including half sizes) and are price £325 plus postage. The full bespoke versions will run to £425 plus postage. Orders are now being taken for delivery at the beginning of February.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Put creed into your deed

I'm going to start today's post with the words of The Doctor. Well, a Doctor, not The Doctor. Dr Samuel Johnson to be precise.  He once wrote:

"Nothing is more unjust, however common, than to charge with hypocrisy him that expresses zeal for those virtues which he neglects to practice; since he may be sincerely convinced of the advantages of conquering his passions, without having yet obtained the victory, as a man may be confident of the advantages of a voyage, or a journey, without having courage or industry to undertake it, and may honestly recommend to others, those attempts which he neglects himself."

I am reminded of these words by a customer of mine, my mate 'Dave'.  I usually quote other people in order to refute, ridicule or berate them but in this instance I felt that irrespective of who is writing them, these words need to be broadcast to a wider audience. Here's what he had to say:

"I'm neither an engineer, nor a prop maker (of any sort), but even I can see compelling evidence when presented. Now, if I were to build a replica sonic (assuming I had time, inclination, and skill) I would shamelessly rip off your design because (a) I have two, and (b) it would be far easier than doing research myself, however I would at least admit to the fact.

Given that anyone who posts on the thread negatively about Rassilon1's design has been labelled part of the "Cult of CT", which is just a label they think they can apply to someone in order to "show" that their opinions can be readily dismissed, let's now talk about the "Cult of Hypocrites" that are currently supporting Rassilon1.

Many of these "cultist's" are the same people who were actively attacking your good self back in the Heritage-Gold-Gate days, and prior to that, as an unlicensed propmaker stealing business from the legitimate licensee (at the time MFX). They are also the same "cultist's" who actively support both QMx (official licensee) and Rassilon1 (unlicensed) who intends to *sell* product, thus making him distinctly different from a hobbyist propmaker. The hypocrisy shown by these people frankly beggars belief!

Virtually everything you ever said about the MFX sonic has been conclusively proven to be true, and virtually everything you've said about Rassilon1 has been accompanied by compelling evidence, and this, along with the continual redacting/altering of the RPF thread by Rassilon1, would only serve to confirm what you are saying in this case is also true. (I work by a simple maxim - if you are actively trying to hide something, clearly you have something to hide!)

The so-called "Cult of CT" has presented evidence and asked questions or Rassilob,[sic] whereas the "Cult of Hypocrites" have done nothing but just shown blind faith in someone who has previously been known to "recast", as dismissed anyone else's opinion as being part of a coordinated attack by your good self!

So, which one is the bunch of "cultist's" here? ;)

What really irritates me now is that most of Rassilon1's "cultist's" are claiming victory because a Moderator has stepped in and essentially said "no more talk of recasting" which effectively shuts down the debate - that isn't a victory, it is censorship and censorship is never good!"

Wise words indeed. 

There is a cancerous hypocrisy that underlies the intermittent conflicts that tend to flare up every time this sodding sonic screwdriver is mentioned. When I first started I never sought to become some kind of figurehead for any cause but I have found that in a world rife with lying, two faced, unprincipled and unskilled scumbags, my brand of straight talking makes many enemies but luckily, I am glad to say it has also won me many friends. I am pretty easy going but I don't like imbeciles, hypocrites and ill informed know-it-alls. I especially detest those that let sanctimonious outrage evaporate in the face of personal gain.  These cunts have the brazen cheek to ignore detailed, reasoned evidence they asked for and when given it, full bore, in the face, haven't the intellectual prowess to offer a rebuttal. 

This is not the first time the subject of hypocrisy has been brought up. Mooneye63 has previous raised this issue and was ignored. He subsequently raised the subject again and was ignored. Why am I not surprised? Because the answer will destroy the belief system that these deluded halfwits have built their cozy little world on.

I am a firm believer that whenever someone wants something cheap, principles will fly out of the window quicker than a greased neutrino with diarrhea. Sadly, this has been proven time and time again. One look at the retail carnage during Black Friday is enough to illustrate this point. 

Let me remind those with short memories what Mooneye63 and my mate Dave are talking about: When I first came on the scene I was villified and made to feel like a pariah because I was unlicenced and was infringing on the licence given by the BBC to MFX. I was even accused of recasting the MFX but knocked that accusation out of the park. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then and I have had apologies and made some good friends but there is still a hardcore of fuckers who cannot bring themselves to admit they were wrong and will continue to take a dig at me or anyone who happens to agree with me, clumping them all into some kind of imaginary 'cult'. 

The elasticity of the principles on display is astounding. On one hand they condemn and ostracise me for being unlicenced yet suck up to the licencees in a shock display of sycophantry whilst simultaneously buying and supporting unlicenced fan builds from Russ Brown or Cuntus McCollins because they happen to be cheap. The quandary that is presented is damning. Either you are against unlicenced replicas or you are not. It is not a difficult choice but somehow these fuckwits seem to live by the notion that you support licenced makers  and condemn the unlicenced ones unless you can get it cheaper from the unlicenced maker in which case it is perfectly ok. If that isn't a textbook example of hypocrisy I don't know what is.  I have a strong suspicion that this emnity is just a smokescreen for the jealousy and hatred they feel every time I make them look like idiots or wave something under their noses that they would give their one remaining testicle for.  Need I remind you of the episode last summer when Phez poured scorn on my claim of access to the sonic props? I spectacularly bitchslapped that fucker back in his place. So the next time any of these cunts like Dan Stokes, Phez, GreatWazoo, Karsten etc, etc take a dig at me, I shall hope that everyone who agrees with my stance on this to ask these cunts to answer this question before they earn the right to take the moral high ground with me.

One last thing, these fucking hypocrites seem to fall back on the 'cult of CT' barb everytime anyone dares to question their ludicrous claims or even presents a point of view that I happen to share, they are the bullies. If you ever have a problem or issue with me, come to my yard and do it. Take it up with me. I dare you to argue your case with me. You are all a bunch of spineless chickenshits. Don't do it from behind the safety of the RPF moderators. That is the last refuge of the coward. Trust me, if I wasn't banned from that board I would give you fuckers a beasting you wouldn't forget so when anyone someone calls you out when you're being out of line, you attack them because they agree with me and they voice their opinion? Very brave and very noble. My advice is go way, wipe your mouths, shut the fuck up and you might actually learn something about decency and principles. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me!

It appears that I have stirred up quite the hornet's nest. Maybe I operate on a higher intellectual level than some of the dunces I have the misfortune of bumping into here in cyberspace but it does appear that much of what I say goes straight though the ears of these imbeciles. Why this is I can but only speculate but I suspect that much of it is selective vision or pig head obstinacy brought about by my continued ridicule. Allow me therefore to reiterate the issue.

So what I am accusing Cuntus McCollins of?

I am accusing Collins of using my *sold out* Mark 1 Tennant sonic as the primary reference source for his sonic without attribution and for stealing the engineering ideas for the assembly and details that I discovered or devised. Maybe I was inaccurate in using the term 'recasting' but I thought I made the distinction in my original blog post calling this fucker out and termed it 'intellectual recasting', which theft of my work is. Thanks to my pre-emptive lambasting of this leech's antics it will never actually make it to actual physical recasting. This distinction is actually a double edged sword in that it allows my detractors to claim that I am wrong and no crime was actually committed but more importantly for me, it allows the integrity of my work to remain intact.

So what proof do I have to support my claims? Let me remind those with selective memories of what I am talking about: (Bear in mind this argument only concerns the original plans he posted up and a couple of the parts he has currently machined)

1) The shallow lens cap recess - The original was much deeper. I put that in as it allowed me to fix the height in which the lens cap would sit as the original prop's lens varied in the height it was installed. Allow me to illustrate this with a pic of my Mark 1 Tennant head and Collins' 3D model.

Pretty similar aren't they? Certainly there are differences but the shallow lens bore is certainly is a cause for a  raised eyebrow. Collins' explanation is that he is using a found lens and the model was built to reflect that. Fair enough, that sounds perfectly reasonable and entire coincidental. I'll give you that one. 1-0 to Collins'.

2) The bisected strut - This is a feature that I pointed out, I provided proof in the form of the Aztec pictures. Until I did, the Aztec sonic was unheard of and no one even knew they made the sonic let alone knew their website. Again, this by itself does not prove anything, after all, maybe Collins noticed this himself? Doubtful, considering this was first pointed out by me on this very blog. One interpretation is that this is circumstantial evidence that he has visited my blog or website, saw it and decidedly to take it and put it on his. Since this is ambiguous, I'll mark this as a draw for now. So still 1-0 to Collins.

3) The screw in ball coupler - Again, this is not an idea I am claiming sole ownership over, moreover I am claiming ownership over how it is executed. The cylindrical nature of the coupler finishing in a circular seam on the lower inside of the emitter head recess is something I first pointed out here on this blog and backed up with photographic proof that was NOT available online. Despite such idiots such as Dan Stokes claiming to see this detail on retrospective viewing of lo-res screenshots, I can categorically state that NO ONE knew of the existence of this detail. I noticed it on the original prop and subsequently pointed it out on this blog by posting the following picture from the DK Visual Dictionary:

This seam is the result of how the ball section is coupled to the emitter head. This can be done in two ways: screw fit or push fit. Having examined the prop I suspect strongly it was push fitted and not screwed in as I didn't wish to damage the prop by disassembly. Whilst both methods are plausible, I chose to use a screwthread. Like so:

Collins decides to take this concept and incorporate it in his own build. In order to do this he needs to first be aware of it and what is the only place or only person to do this? Your's truly. It is unlikely in the extreme that this cretin could have come up with this idea himself especially if he couldn't see the original seam where the idea for this component came from. Here's his take on the same component:

 Apart from minor changes, it is obviously a copy of mine. So we're all square at 1-1.

4) The cylindrical LED holder - Again this was something that is unique to my build and gained through my access to the prop. This was never seen on any publicly available photo and was argued about until I provided an enhanced pic that showed the seam in the upper part of the head recess. This pic is here:

Where was this info and the resulting part - the upper cylindrical LED holder- first posted? This was a mistake on my part and a hold over from the Eccleston extrapolation. Interesting to note that Collins' model had an aperture for this holder exactly as on mine:

It may be argued by some that just because I discovered something, it doesn't give me the sole right to reproduce it. Let me give you another point of view on this. If I had put this into my replica and not told anyone it was on the original prop, then some thieving fucker reproduced it, especially if it was on no other sonic, fanmade or commercial, it would be considered as theft/recasting because there is no reason to put it there unless you are aware of the upper circular seam. Would it not? Therefore the only distinction to it not being theft in this case is the fact it was on the original prop and therefore it is ok. Right? It isn't. It is not ok to just lift stuff like this from my blog and my replica especially without any credit given. If you didn't see it on the original prop yourself, then don't pinch it without at least a nod to who discovered it. Again, if it was only this, you could just put it down to shoddy research and lack of etiquette but it is more than that. It is symptomatic of a greater kleptomalaise. 2-1 to me then.  

5) Solid Anodized black bulb and Stainless Steel head- I am the only person to have done this. It was something unique to my build and I added it for aesthetic reasons and reasons of balance. It just felt nicer to hold than the Delrin of the original prop and the stainless on the head gives it more durability. Materials choices are as unique as designs. Note that Collins originally wanted to make the heads in stainless steel which I have done with my heads. These choices are way too coincidental to be just chance or logic. Either stainless heads or an anodized aluminium bulb....maybe, but both together? Especially when I have listed these materials on my website. 3-1 to me.

6) The angle of the end tip - I deliberately altered the design of the black bulb to change it from the original prop including the dimensions of the black bulb which were a little smaller than the prop and had a distinctive tip end. This alteration is NOTICEABLY different and distinctive from the prop yet has been reproduced by Collins including the same angle of slope and exact radial curvature as mine despite Phez    denying it vehemently. Phez Petter is well known for having the visual acuity of a breezeblock which probably why his sonic is so odd looking. Let me show you a few pics that will probably explode Phez's miniscule brain.

Here is a pic first posted by LeAngeSolitaire showing a comparison of The Aztec bulb, my bulb, and Collins' drawing of the bulb from his original plans:

Interesting comparison. The scale is a little off but you can see the general idea of what's going on. Ok, we're going to do some quick overlay comparisons. I must point out that Collins' drawing is a little deceptive as there are overlaid grey lines which make certain parts such as the castellated parts look longer than they are. Those are however, small details that despite what Phez claims, do not negate what I'm about to show you. Firstly, here's a quick comparison of Collins' bulb end with the Aztec. I am using a different pic of the Aztec as the above pic is slightly distorted by perspective so I am using a slightly more forgiving angle for Collins:

A few comments about this pic. Firstly, Collins' pic is the transparency on top of the Aztec pic. The scaling is about 5% off but that does not affect the point I am making: The curvature of the body of the bulb and the tip DO NOT match the Aztec. It is so obvious it is laughable.

I should mention here that the Aztec bulb and the Tennant bulbs are virtually identical. The Aztecs were dismantled and parts used for the Season 3-4 refit and the bulbs were either reused or copied. The differences are fractions of a mm. Here's an overlay comparison of the Tennant prop bulb and Collins' drawing:

As you can see from this pic, the differences in curvature are even more noticeable. The Collins' rear end is decidedly more tapered.

Let's compare Collins' drawing to my bulb:

The curvature and angle of the tip are near identical. It is an insult to the intelligence and observational ability of every interested party for Phez to suggest these are quite different. The differences are at best, negligible. Collins' bulb end is a direct copy of mine. No equivocation, no coincidentalism and certainly leaves no doubt that he is a nefarious little shite. 4-1 to me

7) The slider plate - I made mine deliberately rectangular and is noticeably so from the prop. Look, Collins' slider plate also has this rectangular flaw. Funny that. Let me show you what I mean. Here's my slider plate:

Here's Collins':

And here is the prop one:

You will notice that mine and Collins' are noticeably more rectangular than the squarer prop one.  I deliberately put this into my version as a 'tell' for eventualities such as this. However, this raises a quite serious question that I would love to get an answer to: if he had the observational ability to independently spot some of the tiniest details that I pointed out earlier, why could he not spot this glaring error? Makes you wonder doesn't it? 5-1 to me.

8) Overall dimensions - I know the dims of the Tennant prop because I measured it. My version is off on several of these dimensions including length and a specific lower diameter (some people will know precisely what diameter I am talking about - I held it over erroneously from my extrapolation of the Season 1-2 sonic). This mistake has been replicated in its entirety by Collins, something that should NEVER have happened if pics of the prop were used. In fact, the dimensions of Collins' build is closer to mine than to the actual prop and I have full sets of blueprints for both. Let me explain what I am talking about. When I built my Tennant sonic I did not have access to the prop so I took the liberty of extrapolating dims and details from the Season 1 prop I did have access to without realising just how different they actually were until I managed to get my hands on a Tennant prop earlier this year. One major error which I always regretted and didn't spot until the parts were made was the fact that the diameter below the ridges was actually wider on the Tennant prop than the Eccleston version. This diameter circled below:

As you can see, mine is substantially narrower and looks noticeably more tapered:

On Collins' 'final' plans his looks like this:

Even a blind fungus can see that Collins has replicated this mistake totally. Again, this begs the question, how? Since the original prop did not feature this mistake, how did it make it onto his original plans? If you were even half awake during the drafting, you would have seen it if using the original source pics. 6-1 to me methinks.

There is also a 9th that I didn't pick up on until Jedibugs pointed it out here:

9) Lower neck screw threading - If, it is claimed, Collins used original source material for his build, how the fuck did he end up with the idea of screwthreading this lower section? The prop did not feature this and had a push fitting secured by a grub screw as did the MFX version. Until I did it, this idea was not applied to the new series sonic screwdriver. Let's have a look at Collins' one:

and here's mine:

Aside from minor differences in screw thread size and depth, the parts are pretty much the same in concept and execution. It is interesting to note that in this posting, this dickhead made a smart arse remark about the fineness of my threading. How could he know about this? The only person ever to post a pic of this part was Jedibugs in his review of my sonic on the RPF where he posted the above pic. For Collins to deny that he used my sonic as reference when he let slip that he saw this part in Jedibugs' review is disingenuous in the extreme. 7-1 to me.

So what can we conclude from all of this?

The most important and obvious point is that my sonic was the primary reference source.  I sincerely hope that anyone with half a brain cell can see that my arguments are pretty compelling. Dan Stokes, Phez, Wazoo and the other cheapskates who are trying to futilely argue that Cuntus McCollins is skilled enough to have engineered all the above independently and from the prop as a reference source are deluded as all the same mistakes that are present in mine and not in the prop appear in Collins' plans. However, is it a direct copy? It certainly isn't a 1:1 ripoff of mine. What it is though is not a replica of the prop but a replica of a replica. Such that it is effectively a photocopy of a photocopy  and perpetuates the mistakes present on mine and magnifies them.  Collins has taken pics of my replica and scaled them, badly, to get what he needed. I have no doubt that if he had a physical replica in his hand he would have taken calipers to them and copied it to fuck. 

It is easy to refute the points in isolation and I'd be the first to admit that two or three similarities can be ambiguous and are not definitive proof but when you have 7 or 8 common features that can all be found on a single reference piece, my sonic, it is obvious where they were copied from. Denials make it worse and trying to cover your tracks by actively changing the design everytime something is called out on, is as clear an admission of guilt as a smoking gun. These points need to be looked at as a whole and they paint a bigger picture of what is going on. Collins is a thief and a blatant one at that.

Collins has not answered any direct questions about the build, attacked anyone who calls him out on it, and continues to lie. Truly, is this the behaviour of someone who has acted honestly? 

This however, is a moot point as he appears to be rapidly changing his plans and producing something that is pretty different from what he said he would build pre-callout. I am not happy about his ball coupler design or his screwthreaded lower collar as these are concepts he stole from my sonic. 

The RPF'ers wanted to see the evidence presented to the court of public opinion. Well, you got it. The facts are indisputable and here for all to make up there own mind. I would love to see how any of these peasants can refute them. To think all this unpleasantness could have been avoided early on by Collins just admitting he used my sonic as a primary reference source, apologized, credited me and changed the things he copied. I would have had more respect for him. Right now, I have more respect for shit I scrape off my shoe.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It's just a flesh wound!

I'm not normally one to kick someone when they are down but in Keith 'Cuntus' McCollins' case I take great pleasure in making a rare exception. The reason being is that this fuckstick numbnut makes himself such an easy target my in-built urge to brutalise shits like him is too hard to resist. It wasn't until after I reflected on why this deluded soul chooses to continue on his merry way utterly oblivious to the tattered remnants of whatever credibility he still clings to that I remembered the above gem from Monty Python's Holy Grail. I sincerely hope that the symbology in the above clip is not lost with the Ned Kellyesque metal bucket helmet and the black kinght's plaintive cry of 'yellow bastards'. It seems obvious now that Collins' is a proponent of the warped notion that if one does not give up then one cannot lose. Which makes his latest salvo in his decidedly one sided conflict with me all the funnier:

"Things have been a little to quiet today so I have posted some more pic’s of the Custom built sonic that this thread is all about. 
And by that I mean on both ends of the small housing that screws into the grip, have used M14x1.5 T.P.I now Bull Dog,….. be a good Apprentice and tell the good members what type of thread that is,…………. that’s right its a………. metric thread, any descent Engineer will tell you that. You don’t use fine threads in Aluminium, as they will strip out under load and not only that they will cross thread all so easily, so you would never use such a thread on a Aluminium sonic screwdriver of any season.

Now clean the wax out of your hairy ears this is very important Bull Dog, we are going to talk about threads.

In Unified threads that’s UNF that’s what is used in the aircraft industry (measured in inches), there are numbered diameters #0 through #10, with 0 the smallest and 10 the largest. 

(Diameters #12 and #14 may also be found, but are usually on older equipment and needed for repairs or restorations. #14 is close to, but not exactly the same as, 1/4-inch.) 

The major diameter in Unified threads = 0.060" + 0.013"*(numbered diameter). So #2 has a major diameter of 0.086". The odd numbers exist, but the even numbers are in far more common use. 

For screws larger than a #10, the diameters are listed in fractional inches. For instance, a 1/4-20 screw has a 1/4-inch major diameter. 

For metric threads, e.g. M3.5, the number following the M is the major diameter of the external thread in millimeters.
For Unified threads, the number given is threads per inch. For instance, a 1/4-20 screw has 20 threads per inch. 
For metric threads, the thread pitch is given in millimeters per thread. Thus, an M14 x 1.5 screw has threads every 1.5mm. Although most metric fasteners have two or more standard pitches (fine & coarse threads), 
There are two major metric "industrial standards": DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung (German) and the JIS Japanese Industrial Standards. Although these standards are closely related and often identical, there will be cases where say a JIS M8 bolt may not have the same pitch as a DIN M8 bolt. Now are you getting this down Bull Dog, if not just cut and past it and read it later ok."

Attached Thumbnails
1.jpg   2.jpg   3.1.jpg   4.1.jpg  

I am highly amused by his tone of faux condescenscion, daring to lecture me on my craft. Aside from the fact he has spelt 'decent' utterly wrong and he's made a pig's ear of the bulb end, there was something about the post that immediately struck me as being off kilter. It wasn't even the totally tangental way he decided to lecture the forum on the totally irrelevant subject of screw threads. (I mean, who the fuck cares? Just make the fucking thing!). Something was very amiss.....
That's it. His spelling and grammar suddenly improved. I wonder why?

I'll tell you why. A quick Google phrase search will produce this:

This idiot, this fool, this utter moron, has only just gone and cut and pasted whole swathes off the Internet in a child-like attempt to appear more than the dim witted knuckle dragging simpleton he is. Not only did he not even bother to change the wording, he didn't even change the order either. The first rule of plagiarism: don't make it easy to get caught so change what you've plagiarised! It seems that even this didn't even occur to this bone head. If I wasn't so amused by this juvenile attempt at oneupsmanship, I would actually be disgusted by his stupidity. I've said it before, it's not hard to feel sorry for this cretin when you see his pathetic attempts to get one over on me just descend into farcical self harm. 

One other thing: Note his solid aluminium bulb end. I am amused to see that he has changed the angle of the rear tip after I called his out on it. It is not just obvious that he's just changed that and tacked it on to the approximate dimensions of my bulb end, it's also incredibly funny. You know what? I'm going to let him carry on as this is a hilarious lesson in ineptitude. I hope his supporters enjoy what promises to be a dog's dinner of shoddy inaccuracy. More fool them. You get what you pay for, I suppose. If you can't afford the best, bargain basement will have to do. In that respect Keith Collins is doing something worthwhile during this global recession and providing a cheapo option for the plebs.

I'm going to leave you with this. I am highly tickled this made number 1 in Australia:

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Never underestimate the power of stupidity

You have to admire the sheer persistence that comes with the blissful ignorance of one's own limitless stupidity. Having been categorically steam rollered by the damning evidence against him, Keith Collins/Rassilon1 is totally unfazed by being shown to be the lying thieving scrote he is and continues to persevere in his goal of producing a sonic screwdriver. I am actually highly amused by this even though in a strange way it is not a million miles away from watching a slow motion car crash.

Remember, this is an individual who:

  • Has  previously been asked by another respected RPF member, 'RogueScout', to refrain from copying his work
  • Has not issued a single credible rebuttal of any of the allegations made against him
  • Has subsequently changed his blueprints inexplicably and suddenly when my claims were made against him hoping that no-one would notice.
Like some kind of drunken fool, he continues to make an utter tit of himself, deluding himself in his peculiarly mangled brand of pidgin english, that he is in possession of more than a couple of brain cells. Here is his latest piece of incomprehensible buffoonery and I have to say, this is brilliant. I really don't need to attack this guy since he does such a fine job of self-sabotage it is bordering on comic self harm. (My responses in RED)

"Phez, when machining or drilling acrylics, one needs to think about drill point geometry on various materials, and the fact that, acrylics have a very low melting point. 
Starts off well. "Drill point geometry" is a suitably impressive piece of meaningless jargon that combines with a nice stating-the-obvious factoid about acrylics. 

Now I will keep this very simple, Bull Dog can understand it, he then can go and do a decent job on that mess he made of his acrylics shafts, you would think that been a so called “ENGINEER” you would know this, oh well he must of missed that part in getting his Chinaman’s engineering degree, more than likely getting a Chinese lobotomy that day, as that would explain a very grate deal.
If you want me to understand anything, try writing in English. I don't know what you're translating from but fucking hell, it is disgraceful. I would suggest you learn basic English before you graduate onto anything as challenging as engineering. If that's too hard for you still, try learning how to walk and chew gum at the same time. And it's 'great' NOT 'grate' you fucking simpleton. The only thing that grates is your butchery of English.

So here is what he would have learned, if you had actually attended an engineering university.
My engineering credentials are impeccable. I attended City University of Hong Kong and I have a post graduate degree from Imperial College. My work has been deemed good enough for my national space program as well as next generation mag lev mass transit systems. I am intelligent, witty, erudite and articulate.'re a boorish, uneducated thieving yobbo with the intelligence of a turnip, an unhealthy interest in scatology and I wager you probably smell like a dungheap too.

To drill acrylics you need to have a drill point angle of 118 Degrease, with a lathe speed of between 100 and 130 and no more, as any faster and you will prejudice to much drill tip friction heat, and it is no longer cutting at the cutting edge, but melting the acrylic. So, slow speed with the correct drill point angle.
What the fuck has prejudice got to do with drilling?! 

And the second an very much 80% to getting a clean and clear drilled hole in acrylic, is the use of an oil with a viscosity of water, this must be constantly added to the drill cutting surface at the same point as you are removing the acrylic sworf from the drill flutes.

Don’t let the drill flutes fill up with acrylic sworf as this will lead to the acrylic sworf getting jammed in the flutes of the drill and will lead to heat & heat will intern melt the acrylic and you will get fine cracks on the drilled hole surface, heat is the enemy in any machining work.

Yep have plenty more photos of the Rassilon1 custom Tennant sonic kit, to educate bull dog, on how to engineer a Rassilon1 Custom Tennant Sonic. 

Er're going to teach me how to engineer my own sonic? Go ahead, I could do with the laugh. I mean seriously, this is going to be very educational.

All the aluminium parts have been sent for hard anodizing, yep that’s rite, and all the aluminium parts will be clear hard anodized, why would I incorporate into my Rassilon1 custom Tennant sonic build kit, clear hard anodized parts. 

Whatever you say chump. And it's 'right' not 'rite' you fool. 

This is so you the builder or the assembler of the Rassilon1 custom Tennant sonic kit, will have nice clean sonic build kit parts that won’t form Aluminium oxide on the surface due to constant daily use.

Obviously you've never heard of Alclad. Fucking amateur...

This will be covered latter in my Rassilon1 custom Tennant sonic build kit thread."

To recap, this fuckwit. This dozy, thick-as-pigshit, doughnut, has questioned my ability yet he stole my engineering and my ideas and observations for his build. He has now figured he will attempt to get one over on me by drilling a channel into his perspex rod cleanly. Note the immense pride he feels over what he feels is a major victory against me. Note the self satisfaction, the deluded self aggrandizement evident in his rambling and condescending 'drilling acrylic 101' lecture he has given to Phez Petter. However, this is short lived as Jedibugs immediately take the wind out of his sails in the following  post:

"Not only is this statement rife with offensive language that is at best culturally insensitive and possibly racist, but it's also totally inaccurate insofar as the info on the Acrylic shafts. 

The shafts are not botch jobs, they are intentionally cloudy. They were actually changed from perfectly clear to cloudy in order to be screen accurate. Here is a photo posted here to the RPF by Neill Gorton, of him holding a screen-used Season 3-4 Sonic Screwdriver. Notice anything about the channel in the acrylic rod?

If anything, he didn't drill his cloudy enough... I can still see the wires in mine!"

This is akin to a guy boasting about how observant he is and suddenly turning around and knocking himself out cold by walking into a lamp post. We all knew Collins was a cock but this just defies belief in the stupidity stakes and has brought his credibility (which was already hovering around zero) plummeting into the southern reaches of the negative number scale. It also puts the final nail in Dan Stokes contention that this is a guy who has enough observational prowess to spot the details in the prop that I did. If he can't even spot a detail as basic as this then the rest of his rather gaseous denials of plagiarising my work seem rather pathetic, don't they?

As for his engineering skill or lack thereof, I want you all to take a look at Cuntus McCollins' (hastily) revised emitter head. (It's 'emitter' NOT 'transmitter' you fucking moron). For someone who professes to be skilled or trained in engineering, it is has a decidedly fatal flaw. Can anyone see what it is yet? I saw it immediately as did Jedibugs.

I must admit, having a pop at this guy does seem like shooting fish in a barrel. He has evidently got some serious learning difficulties which does make him a very easy target. However, the man is not helping himself by continuing to steal, lie and put one over on me when it is apparent he is outclassed in every way. I must confess to a certain degree of morbid curiousity about his continued need to try and put one on me yet succeeding only in smacking himself full tilt around the head and falling face first into the shit. 

Friday, 9 December 2011

Be like a urinal. Take no shit. Part 2

After a quick wash and brush up after the hilarity of systematically dismantling Dan Stokes, we move on to Keith Collins, a man who is as hamfisted in his mangling grasp of the english language as he is with formulating any cohesive argument.  Before we proceed, I'd like to warn you that Collins' english is fucking atrocious. I have had more comprehensible emails from Nigeria.

After I called him out yesterday, the man has been frantically redesigning his sonic build blueprints to remove their similarity to my version. The amazing thing is how his sonic blueprints have gone from a 'final update' to being 'designs that I posted, where just that, design concepts, however in retrospect, I should not have posted them, as they were not intended for manufacture only as a stepping stone to a finished production design.' within an hour or two of me putting him under the cosh. Despite the overwhelming evidence I have posted he still maintains he never referred to my sonic as a reference. However, actions speak louder than words. The fucker has been caught with his hands in the till and his guilt has compelled him change it. Ask yourself, if he has done nothing wrong, why did he decide to change the sonic immediately after I called him out? If you genuinely have done nothing to be ashamed of, why not just stick with your original final design? This is a question that none of these cunts have addressed. They never will because the answer is obvious.

Aside from his butchery of English and his selective retconning of the facts, one of the things that really, really fucks me off about this uneducated piece of cock fluff is his belligerence to those that happen to share my point of view. Here's a reply he posted to LeAngeSolitaire. If you can decipher this gibberish, please help me out as this is fucked up shit.

"Bring it on then, You have already decided that fate, sometime back due to the fact that I’m building a Custom Tennant Sonic.

Your most likely an Ok guy outside this forum, but that’s’ not what I’m seeing here, you are been difficult an will only except one persons sick blog.

I mean look at how he communicates, no one with some intelligence would talk like that, seriously would you have him over for tea to meet your family, and you have decided no matter what to be a part of his Cyber bullying, all for what.

This project will still go ahead no matter how much him and his cyber bullies gang attach me, the more you attach me the more determined I will be, you obviously don’t know me to know that.
....however you will...

I ask you, what will you hope to get from him in return, what will any of you that follow that sick individual, hope to get.

It has been explained to you over and over again by Anikin but you just seem not to except it.

The thing is why should I care whether you like me or not, you stated it with your negativity posts and your crap that has been fed to you by Bull Dog.

When you start been positive and helpful and supportive to the members of this forum and there builds, until then, why should I care.

Oh I do like you, I think we could be best Sonic buddies.

I was not joking about my Nutty & Nice list

Which side of the list are you on."


I have seen more coherent car crashes. What amused me is this small part that kind of makes some sense:

"I mean look at how he communicates, no one with some intelligence would talk like that, seriously would you have him over for tea to meet your family, and you have decided no matter what to be a part of his Cyber bullying, all for what."

Actually I communicate perfectly well thank you. You will also find the general consensus being that my intelligence is vastly superior to your's. In fact, I have seen petri dishes of bacteria exhibit more coherence than you. You seem like a bit of a mess to me. Go clean yourself up. 

He goes on to call me a 'sick individual'. But check out his Flickr stream and you judge who is sicker. Any dipshit that has an unhealthy obsession with young girls sitting on the shitter has no business calling anyone sick.

I think this has turned out quite well. I have prevented the recasting of my work and I've taken down a couple of smug pencil-dicked little bollock jugglers a peg or two and hopefully scared the thieving little shite into refraining from theft in the future. I've had worse days in the office...

Be like a urinal. Take no shit. Part 1

"He must be a complete man and a common man and yet an unusual man. He must be, to use a weathered phrase, a man of honor by instinct, by inevitability, without thought of it, and certainly without saying it. He must be the best man in the world and a good enough man for any world...He is a common man or he could not go among common people. He has a sense of character, or he would not know his job. He will take no man’s money dishonestly and no man’s insolence without a due and dispassionate revenge"
Raymond Chandler

That quote from Chandler sums up how I roll. Having had our thought for the day, let's proceed with the business at hand: Cuntus McCollins and Dan Stokes.

Let's deal with that knobgobbler Stokes first since he's the most vocal of Collins' defenders.

He asked for specific points where my sonic was similar to Collins' build and in my last blog entry I gave them. I even numbered them for ease of assimilation, trying to keep it below 10 in order to avoid overloading his brain's processing power.

In response to this, he gave two half assed and quite lame reasons why the first two observations I gave did not count and incomprehensibly, threw in the towel just when things were getting interesting and posted the following:

"If the individual points on which an argument it based do not hold up, then the conclusion is invalid. You're saying that it seems clear that Rassilon re-cast CT's sonic. I'm asking you which points in CT's argument seem persuasive to you, and you're saying, look at his blog. If Rassilon is accused of re-casting, the burden of proof is on the accuser. CT has made his claims, it is up to us to evaluate those points. You are saying you are convinced. I'm asking what points convince you. If CT's claims cannot stand up to scrutiny, his argument is invalid."

So instead of doing what most normal people would do, and that is answer each point and argue them, he just makes a blanket statement that none of the points hold up without giving any reasons why they didn't hold up. Instead he asks everybody else to evaluate the points on his behalf. Incredible. Let's get this straight: The man asks for detailed points from me, reads through them. Decides to give the first two points a stab and then realising he's fucked, and he hasn't got a leg to stand on, decides to mumble something that all the points do not hold up and in panic decides to enlist the help of anyone else to help bail him out of the intellectual pit he's dug himself. You couldn't make this shit up. So Dan, instead of talking shit about how wrong I am, why don't you answer my points in the same format I provided them. And while you're at it, why don't you tell Roguescout he's also wrong?

After thinking some more (gee, it must have hurt), Stokes has go at refuting my claim that Collins' body blueprint reproduces the errors of mine. You guys have to read this, it's really, really special (my response in RED):

"The charge that Rassilon copied the innacuratcies in CT's sonic's body geometry doesn't seem to hold up to me. He says that Rassilon copied his design by replicating the flaws inherent in his season 4 Tenannt sonic. But I don't see this. Now that's a surprise. You're a cretin, of course you wouldn't see it. 

CT's season 4 Tennant sonic (as he himself states) is inaccurate because he changed the main body of his season 1-2 sonic, but did not change the aluminum end piece (not the cap but the aluminum connecting piece that links the main body to the black end cap) thus making this section of the sonic too thin. Actually that is not what I said. I created my Tennant sonic by transposing the general diameters of the Season 1-2 sonic onto the new ridge shape. I also did a minor change on the lower neck but kept the diameters the same.

 But, I don't see this inaccuracy on Rassilon's sonic at all. Then you are either blind or your closedmindedness has left you in denial. Any idiot can see how the lower end below the ridges starts to taper drastically on Collins' plans. Just like mine.

The reason why Rassilon's sonic appears inaccurate to any particular version of Tennant's sonic is because it uses the larger diameter aluminum end piece (that comes from the season 4 sonic) and combines it with a season 3 slider sonic body like that shown in Runaway Bride and Utopia --which has a shorter slider channel and thinner grip ridges. So, Rassilon's soinc is a custom interpretation of Tennants prop because it uses an idealized season 3 body and and idealized season 4 connector end piece. But CT's sonic uses an idealized version of the season 4 body and combines it with the connector end piece from his season 1 replica
Can you see what this idiot is doing here? He's trying to bamboozle with talk of different season sonic bodies and by doing so hoping you don't realise he's actually making it up as he's going along. Confused? I'm not. Stokes is refering to the intermediate sonic featured on Runaway Bride that featured a slider on a Season 1 body. Stokes is utterly wrong when he says that this sonic has thinner ridges. The ridges are the same width on all the sonics, just a different shape. He's only saying that to make it fit in with Collins' piss poor drawing. In effect he's saying that the Season 4 lower neck and collar are a wider diameter than the Season 1 version and the body below the ridges on the Season 4 sonic is of a wider diameter than the Season 1 body. Again, that is basically true. However he claims Collins' plans feature a larger diameter Season 4 lower neck and collar on a smaller diameter Season 1 body. Then how come the collar is actually the same if not smaller than the diameter of the lower body then? Just like mine in fact:

This single bit of artifice is enough to convince me and everyone at home that nothing this rectal wrangler is clearly full of shit and has no clue about what he is talking about."

Stokes proceeds to post the following up :

"This is not true. CT has posted lies on his blog before to discredit people he saw as his competition. He posted that I was working with Russell Brown to sell fan made Tennant sonics in an attempt to get Russ in trouble with MFX by making them think that he was selling their products through the back door to me. This was entirely untrue. There was no basis for CT to make this statement and its purpose was to discredit my sonic design, to implicate Russ in selling unlicensed Tennant sonics, and to raise my name as a point of interest for the BBC in case anyone was handing out CODs.

I actually had this info from some very reliable sources. Your denials don't make them lies. These are allegations that may or may not be true depending on proof. I believe they are. Funny how your talk of a sonic run went VERY quiet shortly after I mentioned this isn't it? I know both you and Russ are bent. I have proof  Russ has been selling MFX's out of the back door for £140 a pop. I've let this lie for over a year. You want to dig it up? Really?! Do you know what kind of a bastard I am? Do not force me to do something both of you will regret. Take this one opportunity I am giving you and drop it. Now. I won't warn you again.

Now he's trying to bully Rassilon out of proceeding with his run by claiming that Rassilon is a re-caster. He has posted a list of claims that are supposed to support this assertion and it is my contention that this list be critically evaluated before Rassilon is convicted in the court of public opinion. I'm trying to critically evaluate this list to see what claims hold up in order to determine if the accusation as a whole is true. For one reason, because I know from my own experience that CT DOES post lies on his blog and two because I generally think that people are Innocent until proved guilty and any claim of re-casting on this board should be subject to such scrutiny.

Since when did I ever say I wanted Collins to stop his run? I just want him to stop using my design as reference and redesign his sonic with the stuff he's copied from mine changed. Nothing more, nothing less. I couldn't give a shit as I have a perfect replica coming out in the next few weeks. And yes, my list needs to be critically evaluated. So why don't you do it then? the list has been up for hours now, surely you might have found something to prove me wrong on. You fucking moron. Instead of relying on other people, put your money where your ego is and prove me wrong then you cunt.  Enough with the talk, start scrutinising you hapless, brainless fool. I know you're trying but you're getting NOWHERE because my allegations are indefensible"

So there you have it. Dan Stokes has been bitchslapped. He asked for it, I gave it, and he couldn't deal with it. Nothing he says can be trusted and nothing he says has any relevance. He's a nobody, a jumped up punk who couldn't deal with the truth.