Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Ultimate Edition 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

I'm a perfectionist. I obsess about details. If I had a pound for every night's sleep I have lost over thousandths of a millimeter, put it this way, I would have a substantial down payment on a very nice red Italian sport car. When I set out to do something, I make sure it is done as best that it can be even if it means immense personal and financial cost. 

Which is why the past couple years my daily regime begins with the propping up of my eyelids with matchsticks when I could have been tooling around in a Jeremy Clarkson wet dream. (And being of the Oriental persuasion, I hasten to add that these aforementioned matchsticks were very short ones).

The underlying cause of this wretched insomnia has been my season 3-4 sonic screwdriver which I released nearly two years ago. As I have stated on record, this was derived from my Season 1-2 sonic from which I had extrapolated from. Given the rushed development schedule of this sonic, mistakes crept in that in retrospect, should have been corrected and resulted in a product that whilst great for that moment in time, could have been more accurate. I always planned to revisit this sonic and when an opportunity came to borrow the prop, I took it and used the data to create a brand new replica that would allow me to do the kind of job I knew I was capable of. 

Some say I should get a life, and under ordinary circumstances I would agree wholeheartedly, but then I would probably end up playing World of Warcraft and masturbating five times a day but there is a more serious reason for this.  When I started this little caper I wanted to produce, come what may, the coolest prop replicas going. They had to be accurate, functional and made with artisanal sensibilities to a ridiculously high standard. In short, I wanted to produce props I wanted to own. I know this sounds trite, but I produce props for me first, and if anyone else wants them, then that is a bonus. It is this innate selfishness that, I believe, makes replicas that change the game.  With the Ultimate Edition of the 10th Doctor sonic screwdriver, I have done just that. Short of going on set and stealing the prop or having Nick Robatto make you one, this sonic is guaranteed to be as close as is humanly possible to come to owning a truly accurate replica of this iconic prop. It's a sea change on the prop buying landscape and I truly believe that this is possibly the definitive replica of this sonic screwdriver.

So without further ado, let's get down to the nitty gritty. I'm releasing two versions of the Ultimate Edition, the first is the standard off-white version as it was during the majority of its life and a smaller limited run in the light blue paint as seen during its final on-screen outing in Matt Smith's debut story 'The Eleventh Hour'.  I want to mention now, in case some smart ass comments on the screw in the front, that this particular variant also features a slot head machine screw under the slider channel that was added no later than the filming of the Christmas special 'The Next Doctor'. This was put in to straighten up the slider action as the head, due to some really shitty internal tolerances, had a habit of dropping below parallel to the body thus causing the slider action to seize. 

Let me talk you through the details.

  • CNC milled from high polish aerospace aluminium with brass internals and slider plate.
  • Delrin end bulb moulded off original prop
  • Custom soundchip and amplification circuit activated by a tactile switch
  • fully strippable construction
  • Screen accurate hand painted crackle paint, lightly distressed and sealed with automotive lacquer
  • Cross head machine screw fixings

Here's the Ultimate Edition (Eleventh Hour Variant):

 And here's the Ultimate Edition:

And did I mention there are new cases? These are much closer to the Maglite cases used by the production team to store the original props:

Here's quick comparison pic with the MFX, my previous Season 3-4 sonic in ceramic paint and the Ultimate Edition. All very different but the Ultimate Edition is the benchmark for comparison:

As you can see, examination of the prop has unearthed some startling discoveries such as the precise profile of the ridges. Until now, everyone, myself included, thought they were symmetrical but examination under a shadow graph reveals that it is in fact an asymmetric teardrop shape and previous observation were affected by lighting and paint application. Other more subtle features have been discovered and implemented which combine to create a replica that looks, feels and is mathematically a perfect external clone of the original.

Price is £250 plus shipping and orders are open now, and delivery will be from the end of march/beginning of April.

The prototype above is not 100% ready yet as there are some small changes to be made before the final pre-production prototype is unveiled but when it is ready, you can be rest assured you will get something 100% accurate.