Monday, 30 December 2013

All I want for Christmas is.....a hanky

There exists among us a different breed of person. This person is cold, calculating, immoral, manipulative, unhindered by guilt, empathy or common decency. They suffer from a condition that psychologists term 'Antisocial Personality Disorder'. We know them as psychopaths. 

These people create a web of deceit and psychological coercion in order to exert a control framework over the poor weak minded fools that they encounter. In the world of fandom, Art Andrews is such a creature. An unapologetic sociopathic nut job whose monumental ego and innate inadequacies as a human being has lead him on a campaign of entitlement where fandom is commoditised and controlled by him and his brainwashed cronies.

A couple of days ago, I publically dismantled this hypocritical fucker on this blog. Most people, especially one as universally despised as this douche,  would use this as a catalyst for some pretty hard self reflection and consider why so many people want to see him hit with a mortar round. Not Artis. Instead, he posts the following, rather oblique response on an OT topic on The RPF:

Once I had staunched the bleeding from my heart, I considered this rather limp dicked response and had to take another break for some surgery to have my sides sewn back up.

Let's look at this objectively. Here is a fuck face who just got publically shat on. He hasn't got the stones to take me on man to man so he resorts to bleeding heart, woe is me, let's be the better man bullshit. It's feeble, transparent and utterly ineffectual because a) I'm not the type to give a flying fuck and b) because I can smell his fear. For all the bravado, I've struck a nerve with this spineless little turd and he's bricking it.

On the little corner of the web where we congregate, his former friends, enemies and amused bystanders can finally see through the holier than thou spiel and we laugh at him. As my buddy Larry observed is his inimitably arch way,  "Right, because Christmas is traditionally the time of fellowship and good cheer, which is the natural environment for scum. What an inbred, damaged soul."

Couldn't have put it better myself. 

But moving on, it's easy to see what he's trying to do. He's playing to his self styled 'cult leader' image and giving the impression that he's serenely floating above the slings and arrows that his outrageous fortune has slung at him. 

To be fair, at least we're hitting the mark. If it were him firing the slings and arrows they'd probably end up in his own leg so maybe this passive strategy is probably for the best, from his point of view.

Seriously though, the response is as hollow as his nutsack. What a presumptious douche to assume he owns 'this community'. The community is larger than The RPF and sister sites. Fandom cannot be owned, it cannot be commoditised and it cannot be dictated to by an intellectually retarded little trailer park hick with a track record of self harm.

'Promoting peace' is not achieved by the hypocritical imposition of bannings, censorship and intimidation. It is achieved through honesty, intelligent discourse, reason and tolerance. Concepts that Artis' miniscule conglomeration of grey matter has difficulty grasping. 'The community' is not owned by any one person, it is owned wholly and unequivocably by the members. The RPF is not a community, it is a dictatorship and as history has shown, dictatorships seldom last. His 'rules', as Shawn McBee and countless others have shown, are as meaningless and fluid as the juice that sloshes around between Art's ears. Rules are only as effective as their application and it has been proven time and time again that Art does not and cannot apply his rules equitably or consistently. It is a measure of the bottom feeding pissant he is that whenever called on it, he puts his fingers in his ears and goes 'la la la'. This is the guy to whom loyalty is alien. This is the guy who banned Prop Den from The RPF despite all the help it gave him when The RPF got hacked. This is a guy who has driven from The RPF guys who hitherto considered him a friend. Tell me, do you want a cunt like that vetting everything you see and post? 

Some of you reading this will probably think I'm full of shit. Many more I hope, will agree with me. I hope I have done something to lift the curtain on Artis' shitty little operation. If you have an RPF membership, renounce it. Reclaim your mind from this bullying, manipulative fuck. Stand up for free speech and mature unfettered discussion, free from Art's thought police. There are plenty of alternative sites out there where you can discuss props, get the 'good stuff' and generally hang out with some of the coolest guys in the business. One such site is The MPPC run by Lee Malone and you can sign up here: The MPPC

The RPF is heading for a fall. The choice is simple. Art Andrews has grown too arrogant and too complacent and it is stifling this community. The prop community is YOUR'S. Not his. YOUR'S. Reclaim it and we can all benefit from the wealth of talent, creativity and friendship that has been stifled for too long.

Update: In the few hours this blog has been up it would appear that our buddy Artis has seen it and posting the following comments on his Facebook wall for his sycophantic wank buddies to comment on

Funny how he cropped out the statement professing his love of the schlong. It's also quite telling that he is pretending to act amused and unbothered by this when it is obvious to everyone, his skull fucked bum buddies included, that the opposite is true. He is HIGHLY bothered by this. So Art...what are you going to do? You going to BAN me? (Manic laughter) You going to sue me? (More manic laughter) You going to pray for my soul? (Ok, I'm out of manic laughter and I'm just going to sit here dribbling). I'm going to keep on prodding you until you finally break and shoot yourself again. I'm going to dismantle your little toy forum and I will ruin you personally and professionally. I'll let your church ruin you spiritually as quite honestly, they are doing a fucking great job already. 

The sad truth is that Artis has made a lot of enemies. Enemies he did not need to make. He will continue to 'ban' people who dissent. He will continue to make sad pathetic faces when he whines about how he is wronged by everyone, misunderstood by those who cannot see his higher purpose, profess to be a humble man of the masses. Sound familiar? Yeah.....and when the time comes, I hope that when they nail him to that cross it really fucking hurts.

Artis will to ignore/block/ban anyone who challenges his narrow little world view. But the World Wide Web is, thankfully, not controlled by Artis. It's controlled by the NSA. And they're not about to ban me anytime soon, so happy days. I'll leave you with this. A few days ago Art posted this bleeding heart whine:

"I received a number of PM's yesterday from people saying they wanted to join in the conversation but were afraid to post their remarks publicly. This really makes me sad. We live in a world that claims we are all equal and there should be tolerance for everyone's views... but clearly that is not the case. If you are one of those who doesn't feel you can speak your mind, I would be interested in hearing why not? Do you fear reprisal and being ostracized? Do you not think others would be accepting and tolerant of your beliefs? For those who DO feel comfortable responding to hot topics, like yesterday's debate which included Biblical beliefs and discussions regarding homosexuality, why aren't you afraid? Do you just not care what others think? Are you not worried about reprisal? I am very interested to know what separates those who feel they can't speak their mind from those who feel they can."

Remember Shawn McBee wrote a rather cutting and well reasoned response? He got blocked by Art. 

Well, Marc De Hoogh also got blocked by Art for posting this:

So much for my baseless accusations. That cunt proves me right each and every time. He will continue to bury his head in the sand whilst those with half a braincell to their name will run for the hills. This banjo plucking bumpkin is finished. Be part of the joke or you can laugh at the joke because either way, there is going to be a lot more laughs to come.

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